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We offer top-quality electrical and mechanical services to keep your equipment and teams running smoothly. Browse our range of services below to learn how we can support your specific needs.
Electrical installation and maintenance
Power up your industrial facility with our expert electrical installation and maintenance services. We offer comprehensive solutions for power distribution systems, lighting, motor control centers, and instrumentation and control systems. Trust us to keep your operations running smoothly.
Fibre Optics Services
Frontline Industries offers Fibre Optic solutions that guarantee high-speed data transmission, critical for real-time industrial monitoring, precision control, and seamless home streaming. For businesses, anticipate enhanced connectivity, reduced downtime, and peak performance. For homeowners, experience ultra-fast internet and uninterrupted digital entertainment.
Mechanical installation and maintenance
Mechanical breakdowns can be costly and disruptive for industrial facilities. With our mechanical installation and maintenance services, you can ensure your equipment runs efficiently and avoid costly downtime. We offer expertise in pumps, motors, compressors, HVAC systems, and more.
Industrial automation and control systems
Optimize your industrial operations with our electrical control systems and automation services. We provide design, installation, and programming services to meet your specific needs. Partner with us for a customized solution that increases efficiency, accuracy, and profitability
24/7 Heavy Duty Mechanical Services
FRONTLINE Industries Ltd offers reliable 24/7 heavy duty mechanical services for industrial needs. Our fully equipped trucks and skilled technicians handle any situation on-site, minimizing downtime and keeping your equipment running smoothly. We have the expertise to get the job done right.

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