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Empowering Indigenous Roots Through Diversity

Frontline Industries Ltd - Celebrating Indigenous Roots and Diversity in the Workplace

Frontline Industries Ltd is a company that is deeply rooted in indigenous heritage. Led by Rachelle Thomas, a member of the Metlakatla First Nations, the company recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The Raven logo, which is a symbol of Rachelle's matrilineal traditions, represents the company's connection to indigenous roots. Frontline Industries Ltd is committed to promoting indigenous culture and supporting indigenous communities through its business practices. The company's team includes skilled workers from a variety of cultural backgrounds, making it a truly diverse and inclusive organization. Overall, Frontline Industries Ltd's indigenous roots and connections are a source of pride for the company and a driving force behind its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Excellence through Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting Diversity, Inclusion, and Quality through our Industrial Services

Frontline Industries Ltd is a leading industrial electrical and mechanical service provider committed to supporting diversity and promoting inclusion through its quality-minded approach. The company has a wealth of experience in the industry and offers a wide range of services, including construction, maintenance, project management, supervision, and team training.

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