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About Our Team

Rachelle Thomas

President of Frontline Industries Ltd that grew up in Northern British Columbia.  Rachelle is a member of Metlakatla First Nations, one of 7 coastal Tsimshian nations, on her grandfather’s side.  On the maternal side, Rachelle’s grandmother was a Haida matriarch of the Raven clan.  Following the matrilineal traditions, Rachelle’s family crest is the Raven, which is also used in FRONTLINE Industries Ltd. branding.

Rachelle brings over a decade of managerial experience both in the large urban centre of the lower mainland and local experience in the central northern area of B.C.  Her experience includes specialized coaching and managerial development skills at the regional and multiple provincial levels.  Twenty-six years of customer service experience enables Rachelle to provide effective communication and negotiation skills.

Dylan Thomas

Meet Dylan Thomas, our Vice President of Operations. From a young age, he worked in the mines and taught martial arts, becoming an active member of his community. With extensive experience managing large-scale projects and a passion for hard work and discipline, he's the perfect fit for our team.

Dylan fully embraces Indigenous culture, having many Indigenous friends and an Indigenous wife and children. His unwavering integrity and persistence have led to his success in managing million-dollar+ projects and becoming co-owner of an industrial company.

We're very grateful to have Dylan on board and look forward to continuing our journey with him.

Terrence Gash

With over 30 years of experience in the industrial maintenance and construction industry, Terrence Gash is passionate about delivering high-quality industrial electrical and mechanical services to clients. His career began as an electrical apprentice for his father, and he has since worked for companies such as Titan Electrical and Controls, TI Construction Group, and Studon Electric, while contributing to the Trans Canada Keystone Pipeline project.

Terrence holds licenses and certifications as a Master Electrician from the Alberta Safety Codes Council and as an FSR A certified professional from the BC Safety Authority. His expertise includes installation, repair, maintenance, staffing, and project management across all areas of industrial electrical and mechanical work. Terrence is committed to providing top-notch employees, technical expertise, and exceptional customer service for every job.

Lisa Gash

With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and business administration, Lisa Gash has a strong background in industrial electrical and mechanical project management and risk mitigation. She has organized teams of millwrights and technicians for various projects.

Lisa is highly organized and efficient, with a successful track record of completing projects on time and within budget. Her exceptional communication and leadership skills enable her to manage and motivate her team effectively, and her technical expertise ensures that all work is completed to the highest standards. Lisa is committed to delivering excellent customer service and establishing long-term relationships with clients.

About Our Company

A Company Rooted in Indigenous Heritage

Frontline Industries Ltd is led by Rachelle Thomas, who serves as the company's President. Rachelle grew up in Northern British Columbia and is a member of the Metlakatla First Nations, which is one of the seven coastal Tsimshian nations. On her grandfather's side, Rachelle's family crest is the Raven, which is a symbol of her matrilineal traditions. As a result, the Raven logo has been chosen to represent Frontline Industries Ltd.

Experience and Expertise You Can Count On

With over a decade of managerial experience in both large urban centre's and the central northern area of B.C., Rachelle brings valuable expertise to the company. She has specialized coaching and managerial development skills at the regional and provincial levels. Additionally, Rachelle has twenty-six years of customer service experience, which enables her to provide effective communication and negotiation skills to the team at Frontline Industries Ltd.

Expert Electrical and Mechanical Services with a Commitment to Quality

Our expert team offers a range of services including construction and maintenance electricians and millwrights, and expertise in PLC technology, power engineering, and high voltage systems. We also provide equipment rental and maintenance services for all your industrial needs.

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